At the beginning of 2010 BLAT signed an agreement with Brazilian Insurance Broker HARMONIA and Reinsurance Broker PLURIS RE to help implement and develop agro-business (crop, aquaculture, forestry and livestock) insurances in Brazil with reinsurance support from the International Reinsurance Market.

HARMONIA was founded in 1981 and it is amongst the 10 biggest Brazilian Insurance Brokers with a turnover above 120 Million USD. PLURIS RE obtained SUSEP's (Brazilian Insurances regulatory authority) authorization in September 2009 and its foundation emanated from HARMONIA's partners will to develop Reinsurance operations all over Latin America with a high focus in the Brazilian Market. As per SUSEP's ruling, both companies are fully independent and PLURIS RE can respond to business and render services to other Direct Brokers.

By signing this agreement, BLAT will be able to access the Brazilian Reinsurance market which opened back in 2007 and the huge potential it has in the agro-business field. HARMONIA experience with so many years of presence in the Market will help the detection of opportunities. PLURIS RE experienced managing team (derived from HARMONIA) will also help the development and detection of opportunities in the field. Meanwhile, BLAT's wide experience (since 1986) in the agro-business field and contacts in the International Reinsurance Market will help the construction of new solutions and approaches to this sector.

BLAT's role will be solely as a Reinsurance Broker rendering a service to PLURIS RE.

Potential Insured's from Brazil on the various branches of agro insurance (crop, aquaculture, forestry and livestock) are invited to convey their queries to PLURIS RE/BLAT using the Contact Form in our website or directly filling and signing in the various Proposal Forms, in accordance to the branch nature of the risk and in order to obtain quotations of price, terms and conditions of specific risks; PLURIS RE and BLAT will then try to revert to you as soon as possible to your query!
In May 2011 BLAT signed an agreement with Latin American Network of Insurance Borkers RiskCo Ltd. in order to help its associates to develope agro insurances (crop, aquaculture, forestry and livestock/bloodstock) with the assistance of the International Reinsurance Market.

RiskCo Ltd. is the main Latin American Network of Insurance Brokers, where the experience, the professionalism, the products and the services of the most successful and respected Independent Brokers of the region are combined. Contrary to other networks, RiskCo Ltd. is made up of 10 partners and 7 correspondents, generating a regional compromise of unique characteristics. At present, its clients can count on services such as risk management, insurances placement and employees benefits in a coordinated way out of their country of origin.